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by Hank Friedman

Updated Thursday, November 9, 2023

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Hank's Annual Astrology Software Sale!

My review of Janus 6

All of the new features and improvements in Janus 6

My YouTube video of five of the new features
and improvements in Janus 6

Samples of all of the Janus Reports

Download a free 30 day trial version of Janus 6

Purchase or upgrade to Janus 6
at a low introductory price

Importing Chart Files from Solar Fire into Janus 6

Fixing a font issue in Janus 6

My Latest SoftStar News:

Janus 6 -- a major new upgrade

The free Windows program every astrologer should have

The most beautiful photo of a comet ever made!

Temporal Significators -- The True Indicators of Life Themes

The most detailed photos of the Sun ever created

Incredible Solar and Planetary Animations

Transcending Reductionism in Astrology:
Part Two

The Optimal Use of Astrology Software

The Quick Guide
to Finding the Best Astrology Program


When you order Janus through me, you get:

The best pricing and the latest version of janus 6

Video and written tutorials and reviews
about all of great features in Janus 6

Once the company processes the order,
I send you a copy of your activation code .
(To ensure that you get it.)

Astrology House's full tech support
& mine

I am a certified distributor of Janus 6

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